Catering Doesn’t Need To Be Limited to One Option

Catering Doesn’t Need To Be Limited to One Option

Whether you’re ordering food for a group of friends or at the office, you’ll probably find that everyone wants something different to eat. Especially in areas like Charlotte or Greensboro, there are a seemingly endless number of options available, so it’s no surprise. However, it can be frustrating when you need to get a catering order in! At The City Kitch, we understand that frustration. Read on to find out how we can help.


What if You Could Satisfy Everyone’s Cravings?

Instead of trying to get your group to agree on a single restaurant, what if you could order from them all? With TCK To Go from The City Kitch, it’s possible to satisfy everyone’s cravings! TCK To Go is our online ordering platform, where we’re partnered with the best restaurants in our community to serve up all your favorites.


TCK To Go Is Easy To Use

Placing a catering order for multiple restaurants is easier than you might think! When you visit TCK To Go, you can find all our local partners and browse their menus. Once everyone knows what they want to eat and your order gets placed, our platform notifies each restaurant so they can begin or schedule your order. It doesn’t get any easier to please a crowd!


Treat Everyone to Our Local Culinary Community

The best part of choosing TCK To Go as your go-to catering service near you is that we support the local culinary community. Between our Greensboro and Charlotte locations, you can choose from delicious restaurants such as

  • Empanada Grill

  • Taste Budd’s

  • Bite Your Tongue

  • And more!


Pickup and Delivery Available on All Orders

When you order food online with TCK To Go, you can choose from pickup or delivery. We have convenient locations in Greensboro and Charlotte, and our delivery drivers are ready to bring your food to your home or office as needed.

Nowadays, catering isn’t limited to just one option! Order from everyone’s favorite restaurant by placing your order with TCK To Go from The City Kitch. Try it today!