Spice Up Your Event With A Local Food Truck

No matter what you’re hosting, refreshments can make or break the experience of your guests. At The City Kitchen, we make booking a food truck easy. As the leading commercial food supporting business in North Carolina, we have made it our business to help food trucks and commercial cooks around the state bring their creations to you. Here are four reasons to book a food truck for your event!


Unique Dishes

If you are looking for food that you won’t find in just any brick-and-mortar restaurant, food trucks are the way to go for delicious, hand-crafted meals! Food trucks are known for their unique creations and bring a fun twist to your city event, wedding celebration, or even birthday party.


Wide Variety of Selections

When you book a food truck with The City Kitchen, you get to choose from tons of different options. Whether you are looking for classic, smoked barbeque, seafood, or a donut experience, we have something that fits your taste buds! Book your perfect food truck today.


High-Quality Food

With a huge variety of trucks and Chefs that design and create delicious dishes, you can rest assured that City Kitch members are consistent, use quality ingredients, and create incredible flavors with food safety in mind. If you are looking to literally and figuratively spice up your event, book a food truck with The City Kitchen Today!


Certified and Safe

Concerned about the health and safety of our food trucks? Don’t be! Each one of our trucks is in compliance with the state health requirements, has a “clean bill of health” from the health department, has a ServSafe® manager certification, and has proof of insurance.

If you are planning an event in and around Charlotte or Greensboro, food might be on the top of your priority list! If it is, consider supporting local business and booking one of our local food truck partners for your event. If you have any questions about all of the food trucks we partner with, reach out to us today!