What Is the Difference Between a Ghost Kitchen and a Virtual Kitchen?

What Is the Difference Between a Ghost Kitchen and a Virtual Kitchen?

As the demand for to-go orders rises, new concepts are being introduced to the restaurant industry to meet it. Among them are two delivery-only options you may have already heard of — ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens. If you want to take your North Carolina food business to the next level, it’s critical to know the difference between them because they’re changing the way restaurants serve their customers. In today’s blog, The City Kitch will explain virtual kitchen space vs. ghost kitchen space to help you understand.


What Is a Virtual Kitchen?

A virtual kitchen is a food business that operates out of an existing restaurant’s kitchen, such as Applebee’s or Chuck E. Cheese. By using the same space and ingredients as the existing establishment, virtual kitchens can cut costs and test their market.


What Is a Ghost Kitchen?

Ghost kitchens are similar to virtual ones, but they don’t operate out of existing restaurants. Instead, they rent and work out of private kitchen spaces. A ghost kitchen is perfect for a high-volume delivery region, and it allows for a fast launch with low overhead costs.


Which Space Should You Choose?

So, if you’re a chef who wants to elevate your food business, which space should you choose? A virtual kitchen is ideal if you have access to an existing restaurant. But if you don’t or can't find an existing restaurant with available space, and you want to launch your business as soon as possible, a ghost kitchen space is your best choice. You should also keep in mind operating in an existing restaurant means you will have to compete with the current restaurant's operations and personnel. Ghost Kitchens like ours provide flexible space and larger, full equipped kitchens that can provide everything your business needs.


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At The City Kitch, we make it easy for new restaurants to operate out of ghost kitchens. We offer three culinary spaces throughout Charlotte and Greensboro, so it’s convenient to find one that works for you. Plus, you’ll cut costs by utilizing our state-of-the-art kitchens and equipment, facility services, and integrated technology.

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