The City Kitch

Not Your Typical Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens - you've probably been hearing buzz about this new trend in the restaurant industry. But what is a ghost kitchen? A ghost kitchen is a facility that has all the right equipment that food professionals need to create beautiful food with ease and efficiency but without the storefront. At The City Kitch, we are different. Yes, we have fabulous spaces and awesome equipment, but we also understand that it takes much more than this to achieve success in the food industry. Our mission is to provide you everything you need to make your concept a success.


Creating a Community

One way that The City Kitch goes further than the typical commissary kitchen is by creating a community of members who interact, inspire, and support one another. We have all types of businesses, varying stages of development, many different cuisines, and a variety of cooking styles. From private chefs to ghost kitchens to virtual kitchens, caterers, bakers, product producers, pop-ups, events and more, we have them all. And this diversity and our sense of community yield an environment where everyone has the support they need to thrive.


TCK To Go!

Every ghost kitchen must reach customers and distribute food to succeed. At The City Kitch, we provide the technology and systems you need to succeed. TCK to go is our online ordering & delivery system and it is integrated with the pickup space and delivery system in the facility so you don't have to worry about it. Additionally, TCK to go provides a unique consumer experience by enabling patrons to order from multiple businesses in a single order providing you a differentiated and unique online presence. And last but certainly not least, for our food businesses we enable the sharing of the expense of the technology and delivery to drive down their cost of doing business. More profits, more successful businesses!


Variety of Membership Packages

The City Kitch offers a range of membership options for all budgets and business needs. Included in our membership options are full use of our facilities, access to knowledgeable staff that can help with permitting guidance, and access to ServSafe® food safety training. Whether you need a commissary kitchen for a few community events or for a full-to go kitchen, we have membership options for every need that can fit any budget.


Awesome Facilities

And yes, we have awesome facilities too! We pride ourselves in the operation of state of the art commercial kitchen facilities. Our kitchens are designed for a diverse set of clients and food concepts, equipped with premium, flexible equipment, both of which gives us the ability to cater to private chefs, ghost kitchens, virtual businesses, caterers, bakers, product producers, events, pop-ups, and more. And our facilities are professionally managed providing you everything you need for your growing business.

  • If you're a chef looking for a commercial kitchen to take your business to the next level, look no further than The City Kitch. Schedule a call with us today.