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About ZeeYum

Offering authentic Mediterranean favorites and only using fresh ingredients, a meal from ZeeYum will transport you to the kitchen of a Turkish home where recipes have been perfected over generations. Every dish served is crafted with the same care and attention that you would anticipate from a home-cooked meal.

Traditional Mediterranean bites such as börek, falafel, and baklava are staples on the menu and delicious meats and vegetables are always available, with the variety of both changing weekly! A visit to ZeeYum is nothing short of an experience as you travel to Turkey with each bite.

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Member Bio


Ziya (Zee) Ozan

ZeeYum has two goals: to feed guests good food and make them feel important, too. Owner Ziya aka "Zee" started out cooking for his friends, family and neighbors, and passionately believes that every guest he serves now is just as important to impress as his own loved ones. And that's a belief you can taste in his cooking. Zee only serves dishes that he would be proud to share with friends and family or enjoy himself.


Sarah K

"The food is amazing, hands down. Everything is made fresh daily and always delicious."


"Ohhhhhhh my gracious …….. The food at ZEEYUM KITCHEN is exceptional!"

Aisana M

So good! So delicious! Fresh ingredients, authentic taste! Treat yourself to some Turkish cuisine, a feast you deserve!!

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