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our mission

The City Kitch is Charlotte’s unique community resource for culinary visionaries, do-ers and explorers.

The City Kitch is home for any culinary business with a passion and proven track record ready for what’s next. 


Everyone knows finding the right space can be a struggle. But The City Kitch is a place to innovate, expand and succeed. With resources and staff to help with permitting, marketing, points of sale, etc. The City Kitch can be any member’s front of house whenever they’re ready for it.


Membership options are tailored to suit each businesses’ needs, enthusiasm, vision, readiness and stage of growth. At The City Kitch, you hone your craft without the start-up costs of a traditional brick and mortar. 


We are Charlotte’s local, turn-key operation when culinary businesses are ready to take it to the next level. 


At The City Kitch, we expand the culinary community, making it more open, accessible and manageable. And as an online, virtual food hall, the foodies of Charlotte and beyond can sample adventurous and exciting new cuisines all on one easy experience.


The City Kitch. More than a kitchen.

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