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About Forty Twelve

Forty Twelve is not in the catering business, they’re in the experience-creating business. 


Through their work, Forty Twelve takes an average event and makes it extraordinary, turning every occasion into an unforgettable experience accented with fresh, delicious food. 


Just as no two events are exactly the same, Forty Twelve is committed to making each catering job unique and custom, curating the offerings to meet the specific vision of the client. 


The one thing that always remains the same? Their commitment to local, seasonal ingredients. 


With experienced Chef Evan McHalffey and seasoned hospitality professional Nicole Moreno at the helm, Forty Twelve is in constant pursuit of not only delivering sensational food, but educating customers, too. McHalffey and Moreno share a passion for supporting local farmers and exclusively source ingredients from local vendors. A difference your guests are sure to taste.

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Member Bio

Evan McHalffey & Nicole Moreno

For Chef Evan McHalffey, growing up on the island of Oahu immersed in Asian Pacific culture seemed commonplace at the time. After moving to the Midwest, the significance of being raised in Hawai’i became apparent. Going through high school surrounded by relatives in a town located directly between Chicago and Milwaukee, his Western European heritage began to shine through. Later enrolling in the French Culinary Institute and moving to New York City, curiosity and exposure to international customs was again broadened. This is where he met his eventual partner, both in business and in life.

Nicole Moreno brings an indispensable dynamic to Forty Twelve having a wealth of knowledge in the hospitality and marketing industry as well as the financial world. She represents the inspiration and motivation that keeps Forty Twelve on course in its pursuit.

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Elizabeth M

"Fresh and seasonal at its BEST! Forty-twelve cares about the quality of the food they serve."

Sherine D

"Amazing food and service. Being sustainable is very important to me and I see that it’s a part of their mission too."

Paul M

"Delicious! Farm fresh, Chicken cooked to perfection , you’ll love their Brussel sprouts, best lunch I had in Charlotte , delivery service was on time."

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