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About La Isla Tropical

 Using only fresh, natural ingredients and staying true to authentic Dominican flavors, we transport our guests to the lively kitchen of a Dominican household where food is love. 


Each of our dishes offers a taste of tradition with recipes that have evolved over generations, influenced by the hands of both professional chefs and seasoned home chefs.  


We never take a shortcut, preparing food with the same care and intentionality that Dominican families show their loved ones when preparing a meal at home. That means giving meat time to marinate and slow cook, like our six hour pork, and never substituting a fresh ingredient like garlic or onion for a powder out of convenience. 


We stick with the tried and true, authentic ingredients to give our dishes the perfect balance of flavors. When you eat good food, you feel good. That's why we commit to use only the best ingredients, leaving our guests with a smile on their face long after the last bite. We love serving meals that change your mood as soon as you dig in, lifting your spirits with every flavorful bite. This is feel-good food, Dominican style.

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Member Bio

Jeffrey Sanchez


Liz M

"I been in Charlotte for 13 years and yes this is better than punta cana. The food is way more authentic and cooked way healthier than in punta cana."

Hannah N

"So so so so good! Every meal I have had has been so delicious. Tonight I tried the pork. Ate it all! Other favorites, fried plantains, fried cheese, stew chicken and pepper steak."

Jeanette C

"Food is definitely authentic. Soooo good 😊 I've had the pernil & steak both are full of flavor."

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