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About QCC

Take a trip to Philly, without leaving the Queen City. 


Queen City Cheesesteaks brings this classic Philadelphia favorite down South and serves it up however you crave the delicious combo of cheese, peppers, onions, and meat. No, really -  on a sub, in an eggroll, on top of fries, in a stomboli- you name it! 


Only using fresh, never frozen, ingredients, Queen City Cheesesteaks is a family owned and operated venture that sets the bar high in terms of flavor and quality. 


With a zest for life and a simple desire to serve delicious cheesesteaks done right, owner Tim Barnes reminds us all “it’s not that serious, food should be fun”.

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Member Bio

Tim Barnes


Damu G

"Best cheesesteaks in Charlotte! Please go check out this place. My sandwich was just like home in Philly."

John G

"The best cheesesteaks in town by a mile! The owners are the nicest people you will ever meet and you can taste the love that they put into their food"

Katherine W

"Eat here!! This place is phenomenal. My fiancé ordered it randomly and now its going to become a weekly staple. Amazing cheesesteaks and amazing fries."

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